Sunday, November 23, 2008

Learning Snake Charming

Every once in a while, I feel jealous of those smug people who can speak 7 languages fluently. At least, as a computer geek, I can come back and say, "Well, I can program in 11 languages." (Come on, what computer geek hasn't said this at least once? Admit it, you have.) Unfortunately, all of us in the secret geek club know that computer languages are much easier to pick up than human languages. 

So, this begs the question, what's the ratio of equivalency of envy-worthiness for knowing a human language versus knowing a computer language (if there really is one, but let's leave that question out for now)? Do 4 computer languages equal 1 human? I anticipate Philosophers will debate this question for eons, now that I've raised it.

To hedge my bets against the final number these philosophisers will decide upon, I've decided to increase my computer language count by 1.

The company I work for uses Python quite a bit, so on a recent business trip I used some of my extra time to pick up the language. I would highly recommend the site/online book I used, Python en by Swarrop C H. Although there are quite a few typos, I found the book to be entertaining to read and the examples were quite instructive.

Overall, I like Python's structure. I'll see how much I still like it after I complete my first project using Python. 

+1 envy for the geek! 

Oh crud, my old college roommate just picked up Welsh. I wonder where I can find a good Ruby on Rails site?

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