Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm an avid listener of NPR. Even though they have a heavy liberal slant (it's the worst kind, because they don't recognize it in themselves...maybe more on that later). I enjoy how thorough their stories are. I can't stand the 15 second news stories on most radio stations and their caffeine induced jingos.

The funny thing about NPR, is how noncommittal their programs are to actually defining a subject for themselves. Check out these names of their biggest programs:

All Things Considered
Fresh Air
Day to Day
Talk of the Nation

So, now I find it ironic that my blog is called "Avocado Laboratory", which is also somewhat non-committal (though with a hint of a slant towards science and technology, which are my passions). I guess those folks at NPR aren't as crazy as I thought. Either that, or I have a liberal slant and I don't recognize it in myself.

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